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So, I've tried a lot of these "free money" websites, and as we all know nothing in life comes free. Everything requires something on your end, be it time, energy, or more money. I've gone through the bad ones for you, though, and weeded out the scams and found some of the best legit sites and programs to try!


PipeFlare  - 3 free faucets daily plus fun & profitable games, probably my most used and profitable site. Pays in ZEC, DOGE, and FLR

RollerCoin  - Similar to the one above but with a larger variety of games. Pays in BTC, ETH, DOGE, and Rollercoin

Global Hive Faucet  - Very simple and easy ZEC faucet, high paying

GetZen  - Simple and easy ZEN faucet, high paying also

LootBits  - VERY high paying faucet-like site where you claim 10-20 free boxes per day which can have anywhere from nothing to 10,000 satoshi in them.  AD BLOCKER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS WEBSITE BUT IT IS THE HIGHEST PAYING LEGIT FAUCET OUT THERE.  Use my link for 50 free boxes

Coinbase  - Okay so this one technically isn't a faucet, but with their learn-to-earn program you can earn over $20 worth of various cryptos for going through some simple lessons and answering the quizzes. They also offer a great debit card for US customers with a great rewards program up to 4% cash back, and interest on different cryptos up to 4%! Sign up with my  link  and get $10 worth of bitcoin just for joining!


Kryptex  - Simple to use and set up all-in-one mining software and pool. Will work on any computer, I'm making over $30/month idle with my LAPTOP. Low payouts and will payout in BTC, ETC, or USD

CryptoTab  - Mine BTC while browsing the web! Available on desktop and mobile, CryptoTab is based on Chrome (with added security features) and allows you to constantly mine BTC in the background. I use this everywhere I can.

HoneyGain  - This one isn't exactly mining, but it is pretty good idle profits. Basically it's an application you can install on your smartphone and computer that shares your internet usage for various tasks. It runs in the background and I've noticed no drop in speeds, been using this service for years and regularly get $20/month hello hello hello

Other Ways To Earn (Crypto and cash)

Cake Defi ($30 Bonus)  - Sign up with my link and earn an extra $30 in crypto! One of my favorite staking and liquidity mining platforms, highly recommended.

Publish0x  - Read various crypto-related articles and get paid in crypto! You have the chance to "tip" these authors, and you can keep up to 80% of the tip for yourself! You can also apply to be an author yourself to increase your earnings. Also a great site to learn about new projects.

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